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In the coming years, the retirement experienced by individuals will become increasingly diverse.  For some, retirement will be the absolute highlight of their lives; for others, retirement will become a chapter filled with anxiety and worry.  The stakes are high for individuals and the professionals and institutions that serve them. This presentation will drive participants to take action.

The promise and The problem with the new retirement
The Most common $10,000 Social Security Mistakes

Social Security provides an important element of financial security for virtually all Americans. However, the overwhelming majority of Americans make fundamental mistakes with respect to receiving their Social Security benefits and leave $10,000+ on the table. Learn what these mistakes are and what to do to avoid making them.


new Retirement Market Segment Opportunities

Companies view retirement as a single, 20+ year monolithic life stage. However, retirement is anything but this. Retirement Spark! research has identified numerous meaningful retirement micro-segments that are virtually unserved today.  This presentation will bring these segments into sharp relief and help your retirement business grow.


Retirement Presentation Experience and insight

Dan Veto has unparalled insight into the retirement experience having conducted retirement presentations and forums in over 100 cities and towns across the English-speaking world. All of this insight is captured and brought to your presentation.

Retirement Keynote Presentations

Dan Veto is a highly sought-after keynote speaker on the changing nature of life at 50+ and retirement. His dynamic presentation style consistently receives high praise from clients and attendees alike. Presentations include: